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The PH Mirale for Weight Loss Robert O. Young

The PH Mirale for Weight Loss

Robert O. Young

Published 2005
373 pages
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 About the Book 

In 2007 I was diagnosed with too many PEs (pulmonary embolisms) to count in my lungs. The Pulmonary ER doc told me Youll be on these drugs (heavy duty blood thinners) for the rest of your life. When I asked her if weight loss would help, specifically diet change and working out, she advised me to be careful about my heart rate. She told me that any one of the blood clots could move to my head or heart and kill me. It was, to say the least, not one of my best days. I went home and waited to die. A year later, still alive, I decided that if I were to die from working out and trying to get better, I would die on my feet, trying at least, for health and a better life. My friend Rachel, a trauma nurse, suggested first that I could probably lower or eliminate blood thinners (which basically starve oxygen from blood and organs) and I was determined to do so. I went to another PE specialist who gave me a cautionary okay. If you feel symptoms, I want to see you again. I met amazing people on similar journeys to health and learned a lot. I began to make many steps of my own, slowly but always moving forward. In 2010 my friend told me about this book and I became meticulous about calculating pH. In one year I lost 80 pounds. I felt so amazing! This really works. Best of all, when I went for a check-up just this past January, (2015) the tests showed NO clots in any part of my body. Healing your blood = healing your life. I highly recommend this book. Special thanks to my friend Debby for the mentoring, daily help during that year and to the authors of this wonderful book. I promise to pay it forward. ♥