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Supersillyserious Alan D. Leatham


Alan D. Leatham

Published May 28th 2005
ISBN : 9781932581898
96 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Supersillyserious is a collection of stories you will want to keep near your bed or on the seat of your car. Take five or ten minutes, read one, and you will want to take the rest home to your family to read. Half of the stories are silly and fun for kids of all ages to read and enjoy. They are geared specifically towards kids but will make adults laugh as well. Many involve a character named James Macalroy. James discovers many strange and unusual things in the world he lives in. Take a journey with him and discover how amazing the world can be. The other half of the stories are serious. They have multicultural, life lesson and holiday themes. In The Straw Pony a little girl falls from a wagon, makes a friend and learns to judge people as individuals. Jeremy Firelake is a story that shows that prejudice can be hard to defeat, but there is always hope. There is something enduring about having hope. We always wish and hope for change. In many of the serious stories in this collection hope and discovery are important elements.