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Huisgenoot Bielie Blokraaiselboek Unknown Author 413

Huisgenoot Bielie Blokraaiselboek

Unknown Author 413

Published September 1st 2005
ISBN : 9780798140034
Unknown Binding
160 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

While hitchhiking to Norfolk to report for active duty, Navy Lieutenant David Young is smashed over the head with a tire iron and left for dead in a burning car. When he comes to, burned and bandaged in the hospital, everyone thinks hes Larry Wilson, the man who picked him up. It turns out Larry Wilson had a lot of reasons for wanting people to think he died in a fiery car crash...Donald Hamilton is famous for the Matt Helm spy series, of which I have read none. I think this one of the Hard Case books that was reprinted because it was the cheapest of the authors works to secure the rights for.Faking your own death with a hitchhikers corpse is old hat in crime fiction. Hamilton puts a twist on it and has the killing botched. It was a good twist but the rest of the story didnt follow up on the promise. I never understood why Young felt the need to play along with Elizabeth Wilson, aside from her walking around in almost nothing and him being a red-blooded male, and without spoiling anything, I thought the ending was pretty far-fetched.But Dan, you say, You gave it a three. What gives? Hamiltons writing saved the day for me. The man new how to build suspense. While Elizabeth Wilsons character was fairly flat, Bunny and Doc Henshaw were pretty well done. Plus, he took a 50s plot involving communists and didnt make me laugh my ass off. Young wasnt a super hero and didnt walk around with guns blazing. Thats was a huge plus.Three stars but it could have easily been a 2 on a different day.