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Clare Dwyer Hogg

Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Farewell focuses on John, an informer haunted by the guilt of his past misdemeanours and now living in virtual seclusion in an isolated property.Patrick, the ghost of one of his victims, comes back to taunt John with the truth about what happened- likewise Mark.Such experiences force John to tell the truth about his past to his wife Ann- hitherto they have been happily married, but John has never had the courage to own up to what he has done. He finally does so in a series of revelations, rather like layers being peeled off an onion. However it is testament to his essentially narcissistic nature that he still expects forgiveness from his wife- he cannot understand the full emotional and physical horror of what has happened. The play comes to a predictable conclusion, making us aware that farewell also applies to John and Ann.