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A MIDDLE WAY: The Secular/Spiritual Road to Wholeness Duke Robinson

A MIDDLE WAY: The Secular/Spiritual Road to Wholeness

Duke Robinson

Kindle Edition
234 pages
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 About the Book 

This book spells out an authentic worldview, or philosophy of life for those wanting to be real in the twenty-first century. Rather than than try to reconcile science and religion, it tracks a path between the two, latching onto the positive dimensions of each while avoiding the shortcomings of both.The author offers grounding, integrity, balance, and liberation to ...... those who have given up what they used to believe and now tend to believe nothing or just about anything, and who are left feeling disjointed or empty-... those holding on to what they were taught as children and know it doesnt hold water any more-... those so dependent on being right that they are afraid to face the real world we know today-... those whose worldview is based on sentimental religion or secular science and is full of holes, leaving them shaky, intellectually fragile or fractured-... those who live one day a week believing in the enchanted forest world of their religion and live the other six days as if the natural, cause-and-effect world is real, knowing all the while that such contradiction is unhealthy-... those who cant stand traditional, supernatural religion but also are nervous about closed-minded science-... those who gave up sentimental religion for all its silly, superstitious beliefs but have found nothing to replace the warmth and deep sense of belonging it offered- and... those as fanatical about their secularism, or scientism, as the worst of religious zealots.From the start, Robinson provides you with helpful information. At the same time, he sets you free to pursue your own take on things and decide who you are going to be in the midst of the spiritual human family and the mind-blowing cosmos.