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A Norfolk Nightmare Jonathan Sparkes

A Norfolk Nightmare

Jonathan Sparkes

Published November 18th 2011
Kindle Edition
246 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

David stared despondently around him at the bare painted walls of the cell into which were scratched messages from long gone prisoners, the stainless steel washbasin with no plug to prevent him from drowning himself, the stainless steel toilet with no seat which could be wrenched off for use as a weapon, the small barred window and up at the single light bulb shielded behind a tamper proof cover in the ceiling. As his gaze reached the thick steel door whose metal flap had just been closed by the custody sergeant with a loud clang he began to shiver despite the warm claustrophobic atmasphere within the cell. He reached for the single, folded, rough grey blanket smelling strongly of disinfectant on the end of the mattress and wrapped it tightly around his shoulders. He felt more alone - and frightened - than at any time in his life.How? He thought. How did a small act of kindness to another human being get me into this mess?