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Lending My Beloved Amy Redek

Lending My Beloved

Amy Redek

Published December 29th 2012
Kindle Edition
170 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

WARNING: This story contains Explicit Sex Scenes, Hetero Sex, Gay Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Hardcore Sex, Face Sitting, Wife Swapping and Lots and Lots of Different Kinds of Sex! CAN YOU HANDLE THAT?Bob is married to Sally. John is married to Carol. But each of them is sleeping with the other two. Huh??Bob goes to an Indian diner one night when his wife, Sally, is in a night out with her friends. There he meets John, whose wife Carol is also enjoying a night out with her friends. They share a table for now, but will later on share something else...Dinner together leads them to a night Bob will never forget. Johnl introduces him to Man-on-Man sex and Bob loves it! This marks the beginning of him being a “bi”.Bob and John occasionally have secret sex. But this wouldn’t be kept secret for long. Carol notices something strange about her husband John, and finds out that he and Bob are doing it! She then jumps on Bob, her husband’s male lover.Little did any of them know that John and Sally are also having sex! Bob and John not only shared a table, but also their wives and lots and lots of secretions!