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Getting In to Grad School for Physics Vincent Klug

Getting In to Grad School for Physics

Vincent Klug

Kindle Edition
88 pages
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 About the Book 

If youre thinking about going to grad school for physics or anotherphysical science, this is the book for you. It discusses:*whether you should go to grad school*how to choose prospective graduate programs*how to develop a competitive application*what to do after youre admittedWritten specifically for physics applicants, this book contains generalinformation as well as very specific advice about writing essays, studyingfor exams, negotiating funding, and more. It even includes worksheets tohelp you stay organized.This book is perfect for anyone who is:*in college studying physics – grad school admissions are based on whatyou do in college, so you should learn the rules of the game as early aspossible*about to start the physics grad school application process*wondering whether applying to grad school is a good idea*thinking of going back to earn an advanced degree in physicsAnd not just physics! This book will also be invaluable to anyoneinterested in grad school for any physical science (math, chemistry,astronomy, etc.) since the application processes for those programs arenearly identical.