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Fly Fishing: A Womans Guide Dana Rikimaru

Fly Fishing: A Womans Guide

Dana Rikimaru

Published August 17th 1999
Kindle Edition
160 pages
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 About the Book 

I knew I was in trouble when I began to dream about fly fishing ... Fly fishing had become a passion, not just a pastime. I was hooked, writes author Dana Rikimaru, one of Americas leading fly fishing instructors, of her beginnings in this poetic sport. Filled with adventures and encouragement contributed by women who are already fly fishing, this woman-to-woman guide gives you everything you need to wade right in ... to know where to go ... what to take ... and how to savor every moment of discovering a new sport. It even provides resources that can connect you with other women fly fishers. So whether you fly fish to catch fish (even if you release them to be caught another day) or because, as the author says, trout live in beautiful places, this guide is a womans path into a very special activity.